Publication Forum evaluates domestic and foreign academic publication channels.

  • Level 1 includes peer-reviewed publication channels that are specialised in the publication of scientific research outcomes and have an editorial board of experts of the discipline.  The majority of all publication channels are classified as Level 1 which is the basic level.
  • The Levels 2 and 3 are awarded to a limited number of academic journals, conferences and book publishers of the highest level and impact as judged by the Expert Panels. They are mostly international publication channels but in Humanities and Social Sciences, Level 2 also includes Finnish and Swedish-language forums.
  • Publication channels that have been evaluated but do not meet all of the Level 1 criteria are marked as category 0.

You will find the current classification via JUFO-portal.

Evolving classification through introduction of new publication channels

Publication Forum is updated regularly. Annually, hundreds of formerly non-evaluated publication channels are included in Level 1 during the complementary evaluation. The complementary evaluation can also result in Level 0 forums being upgraded to Level 1, or correspondingly, downgraded from Level 1 if the overall level has changed or there are other grounds for a lower rating. The evaluation of new publication channels takes at least two months.

Review of ratings once in four years

In addition to completing, it is also necessary to review the classification on a regular basis. In order to ensure predictability, Levels 2 and 3 do not undergo changes in annual evaluations but instead, the ratings of all listed publication channels are re-evaluated at four-year intervals. The first review of ratings was performed in late 2014, with the corresponding classification entering into force in the beginning of 2015. The next re-evaluation took place in 2018, and the new classification entered into force in the beginning of 2019. Over years 2019-2021, it will be possible to make minor changes to the classification.

Members of the scientific community can address or question the levels awarded to the evaluated publication channels as well as propose new forums for evaluation, see Proposals.

Table 1. Implementation of evaluations in the Publication Forum.
Evaluation type Level Grounds for processing Schedule
Complementary evaluation 0 and 1 Proposals from scientific community.
Non-evaluated publication channels gathered from MinEdu publication data collection.
Yearly / continuously
Review of ratings 2 and 3 Proposals from scientific community.
The Panellists' views.
Every four years