Members of the scientific community can participate in the Publication Forum classification by proposing amendments. Follow the instructions below to propose a new publication channel for classification or to suggest higher or lower level for a publication channel. It is also possible to propose a correction to the bibliographic information of a publication channel (e.g. name, ISSN-number). We recommend you to save your suggestions in the JUFO portal.

Users with Haka credentials

Sign in to the portal with the Haka credentials of your university/research institution.

  • Find the publication channel
  • Well-founded proposals for amendments can be made by selecting the option Propose level amendment from the pinion in front of the name of the publication channel. The maximum amount of characters in the grounds field is 5000. Longer texts may cause an error.
  • You can propose scientific series, conferences and book publishers to be added into the Publication Forum classification by clicking on the Suggest new channels button (at the top-right corner of the screen)
  • You may also compile a TOP10 list of the publication channels that you consider most important in your research discipline by selecting the option Add to TOP10 list from the pinion.

Users without Haka credentials

If you don't have Haka credentials, please submit your proposal via the amendment page.