Last updated 16.12.2022

The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) takes part in the DIAMAS consortium that aims to develop diamond open access publishing in Europe. The project has received a three-year funding from the European Union and it was launched in September 2022. The consortium gathers together 23 organisations from 12 European countries.

Partners will map out the landscape of Diamond Open Access publishing in the European Research Area and develop common standards, guidelines and practices for the Diamond publishing sector. The project partners will also formulate recommendations for research institutions to coordinate sustainable support for Diamond publishing activities across Europe. The main objective of the project is to deliver a Capacity Center for OA Diamond publishers to solve their main challenges.

TSV is leading three tasks in the project. The tasks focus on publishing landscape, OA funding models and best practices in multilingualism and gender equity. More detailed description on the tasks below:

  • Multilingualism and gender equity in OA publishing: Developing toolkits, guidelines, and training materials helping Institutional Publishing Service Providers (IPSPs) to manage and increase the availability of multilingual content (e.g. multilingual publishing of full texts and abstracts, human translation services, and machine translation tools and literacy, and to address language and gender biases in their operations).
  • Identify areas of potential collaboration: Identifying potential areas for collaboration between IPSP, institutions and funders, on finance, legal matters (including licensing), IT services, editorial or production services, marketing. It will also highlight obstacles such as governance, procurement, taxation or labour laws and offer insights into how to overcome them.
  • National overviews with institutional publishing policy contexts and funding practice: A national case studies exploring how IPSP operations are funded and sustained, as well as the policy and publishing tradition contexts.

In addition, TSV participates in the work package mapping the landscape of the European scholarly publishing using the national and international networks and databases on scholarly journals.

Mikael Laakso works at TSV as a senior specialist of the project.

Learn more about the project from the DIAMAS consortium websites.

More information: Janne Pölönen (janne.polonen(at)tsv.fi), Mikael Laakso (mikael.laakso(at)tsv.fi) and Sami Syrjämäki (sami.syrjamaki(at)tsv.fi).