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In addition to scientific publication channels, the new portal also includes professional and general journals. The old portal will be closed during the summer.

The research community's tool for browsing publication channels classified in the Publlication Forum and making suggestions has been renewed. Due to the new technical solutions, the new JUFO portal operates more smoothly than its predecessor. At the same time, the portal's search functions have been improved, which enables more precise searches.

In addition, the new portal includes professional and general journals used by researchers working in Finland, which are not included in the JUFO classification.

The new portal can be found at and it has been developed in cooperation with CSC - IT Center for Science.

New search functions

The new JUFO portal has all the search functions of the old portal as well as some new functions. For example, the free text search has been improved: free text search supports phrase search and word breaks with an asterisk. In addition, journals and series can be searched based on the publisher. 

Searches based on the country and language of the publication work more reliably than before, as the information has been unified in accordance with the ISO standards. When making searches based on discipline, the user can choose whether to use the AND or OR operator in the search.

As in the old version of the portal, it is possible to download the search results as a csv file. In the new portal, the user can also choose which information from the publication channels will be included in the downloadable file.

In autumn 2024, open access information of the publication channels will be extended: it will be possible to search completely free, so-called diamond open access journals as well as partially open hybrid journals from the new portal.

Old JUFO-portal and publication channel search will be closed

The old JUFO portal and the publication channel search on TSV's website will be closed during the summer. 

The publication channel search on TSV's website will be completely closed at the end of August, and the old JUFO portal will be restricted to the use of Publications Forum panels and secretariat only. The old portal will also be closed when the functions related to the evaluation work of the panellists and secretariat have been implemented in the new portal.

What is JUFO portal?

The JUFO portal is a service intended for researchers and other people working in science, where it is possible to search for information on scientific publication series, conferences and book publishers included in the Publication Forum classification. The service also includes professional and general publication series used by researchers working in Finland.

In the JUFO portal, members of the research community can propose new publication channels for evaluation and suggest a change to the level rating or bibliographic information of already classified publication channels. It is possible to browse the content without logging in, but making suggestions for additions and amendments requires logging in. 

More information: julkaisufoorumi(at)

Image: Anne Haapanen, TSV

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