How to use the Publication Forum classification responsibly

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The Steering Group of the Publication Forum has updated the user guide for the Publication Forum classification. The user guide contains recommendations on the responsible use of the classification.

The Publication Forum classification was originally meant for the evaluation of the average quality of a large number of publications produced by universities. The classification is not meant for the evaluation of the quality of a smaller number of publications produced by the units of universities or other research organisations or individual publications nor for the evaluation or comparison of individual researchers. The Steering Group feels it is necessary to provide instructions for the use of the Publication Forum classification, as universities in Finland have also recently started to use it for unit and/or researcher level evaluation and comparison.

The user guide contains recommendations on using the Publication Forum classification at unit and researcher level and on the limitations of the classification. Moreover, the Publication Forum classification and its underlying assumptions are described along with the role of the classification in the funding model of universities. 

In the preparation of the user guide, international statements of responsible metrics have been used: DORA declaration, Leiden manifesto for researcher metrics, and the Metric Tide report. The user guide of the Publication Forum completes the national Recommendation for the responsible evaluation of a researcher and the Guide for responsible metrics that are under way.

Read the user guide here (pdf).

Photo: Jens Johnsson, Pexels.

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