Publication Forum Panels for term 2022-2025

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The Publication Forum Steering Group appointed new panels for the term 2022-2025 on 18th October 2021. A total of 296 experts were appointed for the panels.

New panels for the term 2022–2025 have been appointed for the Publication Forum. A total of 296 experts were selected as members of the panels, of whom 44% were women, 55% men and 1% other. 12% of the appointed panellists are young researchers, i.e., graduates in 2014 or later. 42% of panellists continue from the previous term. Experts from all Finnish universities as well as from some of the research institutes in Finland were selected for the panels (Figure 1). Find below a list of the new panel members (PDF).

By the deadline, we received a total of 388 applications all of which were potential. 65 learned societies and 18 research organisations also made proposals for panel members. In appointing the panellists, the main concern was to ensure that the expertise of the panels covers the research fields they are responsible for. Attention was paid to a fair representation of women and men, advanced and early career researchers, as well as different organisations in the panels. In addition, the recommendations from learned societies and organisations, as well as the candidates’ experience in scholarly publishing and research evaluation were taken into account.

Bar chart: Finnish universities and their share of publications and Publication Forum panellists.
Figure 1. Finnish universities and their share of publications and the Publication Forum panellists.

Panel work

The new panels begin their work in early 2022. At this point, the panels can be supplemented with additional members if needed. The panel members are representatives of the national scientific community in their field of science and research, whose task also includes consulting their background communities.

The panels’ task is to evaluate new publication channels either to level 1 or 0. New publication channels are continuously evaluated, in addition to which proposals for level 1 and 0 amendments received from the scientific community are also considered.

In 2022, the panels will decide on possible changes to levels 2 and 3. During the spring 2022, the panels will prepare a preliminary proposal for changes. In preparing the proposal, the panels will take into account proposals from the scientific community. The proposals should be submitted via JUFO portal by 31 March 2022. The panels will finalise level 2 and level 3 classifications in the autumn 2022.

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