Propose book series to level 3

Image of a bookshelf.

The research community has an opportunity to propose the most prestigious book series from level 2 book publishers to level 3.

The survey is a continuation of the surveys carried out in 2023, in which the research community was asked for suggestions for the level 3 book series. It is possible to suggest any book series, with an ISSN number, from level 2 book publishers to level 3. 

The proposals can be made with this form until 25th March 2024. Only one book series can be proposed at a time but it is possible to fill out the form several times.

The panels will go through the received suggestions at their spring meetings in April and May and make the first decisions on the level 3 book series. 

After the spring, proposals for level 3 book series will be processed in the same way as for other new publication channels. The panels go through the proposals annually at their meetings and review the classification of the book series as a whole every four years in conjunction with the level 2 and 3 re-evaluation.

Image: Tom Hermans, Unsplash.

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