Impact assessment of research: National frameworks and best practices

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An overview and the presentations of the Impact Assessment Workshop in March 2023.

Federation of Finnish Learned Societies has launched a project to develop a joint impact assessment framework adaptable to the Finnish universities’ profiles and needs. To provide an overview of state-of-the-art impact assessment frameworks internationally, and to discuss best practices and experiences for mutual learning and further development of impact assessment frameworks, a workshop was organised 16 March 2023.

At the workshop, five excellent presentations were given on the impact assessment in the following countries: the UK, Poland, Norway, the Netherlands and Finland. All the presentations can be found below.

Gemma Derrick, Associate Professor, University of Bristol: Competing ideologies and definitions of UK impact

Emanuel Kulczycki, Professor, University of Poznan: Impact assessment in Poland

Jon Holm, Special Advisor, the Research Council of Norway: Impact assessment in Norway

Ludo Waltman, Professor, Leiden University: Impact assessment and the Strategy Evaluation Protocol

Reetta Muhonen, Senior Specialist, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies: Framework for impact assessment in Finland

The presentations are not covered by the CC-BY licence unless otherwise stated in the slides.

Image: Rodnae Productions, Pexels.

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