2nd Helsinki Initiative Webinar on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication

Image of the Helsinki initiative logo and text "2nd Helsinki initiative webinar on multilingualism in scholarly communication 1.12.2023".
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Helsinki Initiative organizes a webinar series on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication with speakers representing different expert communities and strands of work. This event includes three presentations ranging from language policies to the role of national language journals and translations in science. The event is free and open for everyone to participate without registration. A recording will be made available after the event.


  • Michael D. Gordin: The Inevitably of Translation in Scientific Communication
  • Lucía Céspedes: Implicit and explicit linguistic policies for scholarly communications in Latin America
  • Vincent Larivière: The importance of French language journals for Canadian research


The event is hosted by Emanuel Kulczycki and Janne Pölönen.

Further information from the Helsinki initiative websites and helsinki-initiative@tsv.fi.