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Publication Forum is inviting members of the scientific community to participate in a re-evaluation of the publication channels, which will be carried out during this year. Publication Forum is a publication channel classification system implemented by the Finnish scientific community that supports the quality assessment of research output. The Publication Forum’s operations are coordinated by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. The evaluation of publication channels is performed by 23 discipline-specific Expert Panels, with over 240 members from universities and research institutes.

Feedback received from the scientific community is intended to provide information to support the evaluation carried out by the panels. Members of the scientific community can have an impact on the re-evaluation of the publication channels (journals/series, conferences and book publishers)
1)    by suggesting changes the current level of rated publication channels  
2)    by compiling a TOP10 list of the publication channels that are considered most important in the relevant research discipline  

In the Jufo portal online service or the website of the Publication Forum, it is possible to check the current classification levels and suggest changes. TOP10 lists can be made in the Jufo portal. Before making suggestions, please have a look at the classification criteria. Researchers can sign in to the portal with their own university or research institute HAKA credentials. To suggest changes and make TOP10 lists, click on the cog icon in front of the publication channel. At present, users without HAKA credentials can make suggestions on the website of the Publication Forum. Later it will be possible for anyone to create an account for the portal.

Suggestions made before the end of March 2018 will be included in the first stage of the re-evaluation. During April and May, the panels will prepare a new preliminary proposal for the classification levels, which will be finalised during autumn.

In addition to the re-evaluation, the panels continuously carry out complementary evaluation of the publication channels, where previously unrated publication channels can be upgraded to Level 1. It is possible to suggest new publication channels for evaluation at the Jufo portal or the website of the Publication Forum.  

Further information:
Publication Forum website
Classification criteria
Panels for the 2018-2021 period
E-mail: julkaisufoorumi(at)


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