Contract between the Nordic List and DOAJ

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A collaboration group with representatives from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden has been working together since 2013 to create a common Nordic registry of authorized research publication channels, referred to as the Nordic List. The list is based on information from the national lists of Denmark (Autoritetslister for serier og forlag), Finland (Julkaisufoorumi) and Norway (Register over vitenskapelige publiseringskanaler). In 2015, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands joined the group as observers, NordForsk and the chairmanship in The Nordic ministry council supports the registry. To emphasize the importance to know if publication channels are open access, the Nordic countries have signed a contract with DOAJ.

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a non-profit organization that maintains an authoritative database of whitelisted peer reviewed Open Access journals. DOAJ provides a service that is free to use globally, and which includes generic API to extract data for inclusion in other services. In the contract between the Nordic group and DOAJ the Nordic group agrees to be a sponsor of DOAJ, who in return provides the Nordic list with information on Open Access journals.


Joint Nordic support for Directory of Open Access Journals

As part of an ongoing mission to create a common Nordic registry of authorized publication channels, the Nordic countries have decided to support the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) with 20 000 GBP. The aim of the support is to aid DOAJ in their work on providing a reliable and vital service to the world of scholarly publishing. In the common Nordic registry only journals listed in DOAJ will be considered open access.

The working group on the Nordic registry consist of:

  • Denmark: Ministry of Higher Education and Science, The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.
  • Finland: Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV), Ministry of Education and Culture, CSC - IT Center for Science.
  • Norway: NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data, The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions, The National Publication Committee.
  • Sweden: National Library of Sweden, Swedish Research Council.