Publication Forum has completed its review of ratings

Tiedotteet   10.12.2018 16.31   Päivitetty 7.1.2019 10.08

During 2018, the Expert Panels went through the highest levels 2 and 3 of the academic journals and book publishers. In total, the levels of 550 channels were upgraded and the levels of 270 channels were downgraded in the review of ratings. In the new classification, 740 publication channels are classified as level 3 and 2,486 as level 2. The Publication Forum’s Steering Group confirmed the classification on 13 December 2018 and the new classification will enter into force on 1 January 2019. The new classification will be used for publications published in 2019 or later. The updated classification are available on the JUFO-portal and on the Publication channel search. Summary of amendments to classification levels:Filejufo_13122018_changes_2.xlsx Summary of amendments to classification levels (pdf): PDF iconjufo_13122018_changes_2.pdf

The primary evaluation criteria are a publication channel’s scientific quality, impact and appreciation in the scientific community. The expert evaluation was supported with proposals received from the scientific community, citation indicators, classifications in Norway and Denmark and information on open access. Special attention was paid to the representation of various fields of science and research in levels 2 and 3.

Panel-specific quotas specify how many publication series each panel can include in levels 2 and 3. The basis for calculating the quotas is the total number of articles published each year (publication volume) in journals in levels 1-3. Level 2 journals may make up at most 15% and level 3 journals at most 5% of the total publication volume of a panel’s journals. The quotas balance out the classification between different fields of science.  

In this evaluation round, it was possible for panels to share the publication volume of large journals. Through the cooperation of the panels, the journal Blood was upgraded to level 3 and the Journal of Biological Chemistry and Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics were upgraded to level 2. The volume sharing model also meant that the preliminary proposal to downgrade the Langmuir journal to level 1 could be cancelled.

In social sciences and humanities, minor changes were made in the classifications in the Finnish- and Swedish-language channels. The Finnish Antiquarian Society’s year book was downgraded to level 1. Media ja viestintä, Terra: Geographical Journal and book publisher the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland were upgraded to level 2. For book publishers the changes were also minor. Routledge will continue in level 3 and Bloomsbury in level 2.

The next review of ratings will be carried out during 2022. Over the years 2019-2021, the panels will meet once a year in the autumn to discuss the feedback received from the scientific community. In the intervening years, it will be possible to make minor changes to the classifications. The meetings held in 2019 will discuss the feedback which has been given through the JUFO-portal by 31 August 2019.


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